Our products are checked and tested to ensure their conformity with the meant standard specifications. We also implement an integrated system to adjust the quality and to fulfill the standards and requirements required to ensure the ability of producing the required product quality. In the manufacturing process, our technical sector is concerned with maintaining the quality control.
Approved specifications for Petrodunes oil:
Petrodunes oil has been for engines from the fundamental outputs that are highly viscose during oil distillation to match with the technical standards known all over the world according to the highest physical standards and the chemical applications accredited to the following places:
American Petroleum Institute (API).
- American Society for Testing and materials. (ASTM)
- American Organization of standards (ASA).
- International Organization for Standardization (ISO).
- Association European automobile Manufacturers. (ACEA).
- Saudi standards, metrology and quality organization (SASO).
- General automotive engineers (SAE).
- National Lubricating Grease Institute (NLGI)
These applications and specifications are approved in the use of all car engine oil in United Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Cooperation Council for the Arab Gulf States.
Manipulation and Applications:
Mixing and processing multi-performance chemical additions of Petrodunes engine oil are manipulated in the best and latest lubricant oil factories in the united kingdom of Saudi Arabia where you find the deep-rooted experience in this field, similar to the best and latest techniques of engine oil industry in the world.
Provided that its net mineral components extracted from the land of the Arabian Gulf have been known of its high-quality, since it is characterized by high viscosity of good quality that meets the requirements of maximum protection for all uses and all difficult environmental conditions.
High-quality technical:
Small cars Petrodunes oil is based on taking into consideration the utmost quality in the oil mix so as to maintain the strength and cleanliness of the engines and to keep it in a good state for an enjoyable drive in the whole service duration.
In addition to multi degree oil, mono degree viscose oil is also available for the small gas cars where this oil is well known for its great ability of preventing sedimentation, corrosion, whittlings and dealing with pollution. All this go together with the concern of achieving the standard quality in protecting the environment and keeping it clean from the exhaust pollutants. Concerning the heavy-duty and heavy loads engines, benefit lies in the high protection of their engines due to high multiple degree of viscosity in composition and the presence of thermal stability trait in addition to the accuracy in considering the total number of baseline alkaline during the production to maintain that the degree of oil in the engines will not be reduced.
Distinct oil with developed chemical properties:
PetroDunes engine oil is characterized by its high quality. It is resistant to corrosion , oxidation, rust and sedimentation to the maximum limits. The active characteristics work on the dissipation of pollutants from the engines in the form of ashes and dirt. Because the composition of Petrodunes engine oil include the new generation of advanced chemical additives and the physical characteristics approved at the American Petroleum Institute (API), a good level of keeping the viscosity stable has been achieved to protect the engines in all operational conditions. In addition, it extremely controls the act of the composition of deposits or corrosion in engines. Moreover, it prevents dirt resulting from combustion.
Available in a uni- viscosity degree:
In addition to the availability of Petrodunes engine oil in a multi-degree viscosity, Petrodunes provides uni-viscosity oil for engines that are normal or pressed air suckers so it works on narrowing the deposits of these engines from fuel sulphates and ash wastes.
Petrodunes oils can be relied upon with confidence:
You can confidently rely on Petrodunes products for a soft and smooth operation for all types of engines.
It is advised to rely on Petrodunes engine oil for vehicles used in long distances and in the atmosphere of high temperature and under constant pressure.
It is the best option recommended by the makers of all vehicles’ engines in the world.
PetroDunes oil is suitable for various climatic factors:
PetroDunes engine oil fit with all the different environmental factors of climate change. It is characterized by a radical change with regard to the manufacture of mineral engine oil in the world, which makes it keep the latest standard applications by adopting the upper limit of leniency in the accurate geometric standards during the process of oil mixture. This has in turn given it a good level of viscosity consistent with the latest generation of American, European and Japanese car engines available in the market.