Petrodunes Oil

Dear Customer: This section clarify products manufactured by Petrodunes the oils and in accordance with the highest international quality standards, set by the institutes and relevant international institutions such as the American Petroleum Institute.
For the sake of us that you receive an appropriate performance scores The Department of Technical Support Petrodunes deliver the information complete and accurate information about all the products of factory Petrodunes World oils, which, in turn, to mix and manufacturing of oils according to strict control and sophisticated laboratory analysis and research your Petrodunes of oils, so as to maintain the highest standards quality, which in turn gives you the highest standards of performance and protection.

Crankcase oils

1 - Vehicles transporting people and light vans:

 PetroDunes 10W/40

 PetroDunes 20W/50

 PetroDunes Super 20W/50, 30,40,50

2 - Diesel engine oils:

 PetroDunes diesel 10W/40

 PetroDunes developed oil 15W/40

 Diesel special engine oil

 Heavy-duty diesel engine oil

Transmission oils

 Automatic transmission oil DEXRON II

 Automatic transmission oil DEXRON III

Gear oils

 Gear oil GL4

 Gear oil GL5

Brake oils

 PetroDunes DOT3

 PetroDunes DOT4

Cleansing Oil

Industrial oils

 Hydraulic oil 32

 Hydraulic oil 37

 Hydraulic oil 46

 Hydraulic oil 68

Marine oils

 Marine motor oil 312

 Marine motor oil 412

 Marine motor oil 512


 PetroDunes radiator